Amsterdam Food

If ever there was a city where the cuisine suited my fussy kids – it is Amsterdam! With fries, waffles and pancakes on most menus, they were well catered for! There is, of course, more to Amsterdam food than the aforementioned. Here is my guide to the city’s must try foods.

Decisions, decisions…

In Amsterdam fries are readily available and generally served in a paper cone, topped with a variety sauces.

Fries with ketchup – De Belg.
Fries with mayonnaise – Keukenhof.

Bitterballen or Dutch Meatballs are a classic bar snack, an ideal accompaniment to a beer! They are deep-fried, breadcrumbed, meat-filled balls. The filling usually consists of beef, flour, beef broth and seasonings.

Bitterballen – De Belg.

Kibbeling are battered, deep fried morsels of cod, usually served with a mayonnaise herb sauce. Best sampled hot and fresh from a street vendor.

Kibbeling – Frens Haringhandel.

Croquettes from a vending machine are a novelty Amsterdam must-try!

Vending machine fast food – FEBO.

Amsterdam has many cheese shops where you can sample Dutch cheese such as Gouda & Edam.

Selection of Dutch cheese – Henri Willig.

For those with a sweet tooth, Amsterdam has many treats!

Stroopwafels are a must try! Consisting of two thin waffles stuck together with a layer of sweet syrup, they are best enjoyed hot and gooey from a bakery or market. Delicious as they are, or with added toppings for an extra indulgent treat!

Stroopwafel – The Bakery Company.
Stroopwafel – Van Wonderen Stroopwafels.

Dutch pancakes are thin and crepe-like and loaded with delicious toppings such as fruit, syrup and cream.

Dutch Pancake – Pancake Company.

Poffertjes or Dutch mini pancakes are served all over Amsterdam. Theses fluffy batter bites are highly addictive! Traditionally served with icing sugar and butter or syrup. But can be enjoyed with more decadent toppings!

Poffertjes – Pancake Company.

Dutch Apple Pie infused with cinnamon and raisins and topped with whipped cream is a popular dessert throughout the city.

Apple Pie – The Tulip Experience.

Jenever is a juniper-flavoured traditional liquor of the Netherlands, often described as the precursor to gin. It was originally used for medicinal purposes before becoming one of the country’s signature drinks. It’s often served alongside a beer, a combination known as the ‘head butt’!

Jenever Cocktail – Ter Marsch & Co.

Another iconic drink of Amsterdam is, of course, Heineken.

Heineken – Ter Marsch & Co.

Steak Houses and Burger Bars are very popular throughout Amsterdam. We stayed at Hotel NH Collection Flower Market, which had Ter Marsch & Co – a boutique burger restaurant attached. Featuring award winning burgers and fries, along with cocktails, I can highly recommend this place.

The Holy Moly – Spanish Black Angus from Miguel Vergara and Wagyu, sweet sour green tomatillo tomato, Mexican coriander avocado molé, carnitas chili pork belly, chorizo crème, cheddar, crispy rind and lime Jarritos crème. Winner best hamburger Benelux 2021.
Good advice!
More fries! With truffle mayonnaise – Ter Marsch & Co.
Everything is peachy Cocktail – Ter Marsch & Co.

Amsterdam – a city of delicious snacks!

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