In search of the perfect cinnamon bun!

Cinnamon buns, cinnamon rolls or even Kanelsnegl (as the Danish call them) are an obsession of mine! There’s something so delicious about the gloriously sweet, spiced dough.

With Wales and Denmark meeting in this weekend’s UEFA Euro 2020 round of 16 match, I thought it a perfect time to reminisce about the cinnamon buns I’ve encountered on my travels. After all, I’m just a Welsh girl in search of the perfect Danish….. bun!

The first port of call has to be Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

A visit here in October 2018 was the perfect time to experience the hygge cafe culture… and of course the cinnamon buns. Bakery counters and windows throughout the city display all variety of Danish pastries including the Kanelsnegl (which literally translates to cinnamon snail!)

A typical bakery counter in Copenhagen.

Northern Europe is synonymous with these types of pastries. In Finnish Lapland I sampled cardamom buns, which were equally as delicious.

I forgot to take a photo of a cardamom bun in Lapland….. so here’s a reindeer’s bum instead!

In Reykjavik, Iceland, it was much easier to hunt out cinnamon buns than the elusive Northern lights! (I’m still searching for those!)

Cinnamon buns at Sandholt Reykjavik.

A trip to London always entails a visit to Borough Market, where cinnamon buns can be found at Bread Ahead. A close second are Gail’s Bakery’s legendary buns.

Cinnamon Buns at Bread Ahead Bakery, Borough Market.

But… it is my homeland of Wales where my favourite cinnamon buns can be found! Brod – The Danish Bakery in the foodie suburb of Pontcanna is ‘A little taste of Denmark, in the heart of Cardiff.’ Here you can find all manner of baked Danish goods, including of course Kanelsnegl. So good are these buns that I will always take a detour here when visiting the capital.

Brod – The Danish Bakery.
Kanelsnegl at Brod.

My favourite ‘bun with a view’ has to be a cinnamon roll from Little Valley Bakery, next to the Gower Heritage Centre, Parkmill, Swansea. I often pick one of these up on my way to the Gower beaches. Best enjoyed with a coffee and view of Oxwich!

Cinnamon Roll from Little Valley Bakery – enjoyed at Oxwich Bay.

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